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Wineo laminate flooring

Wineo laminate flooring , international company Windmöller stands for innovative and high-quality floor coverings in over 70 countries around the world. As an owner-operated family business rooted in Eastern Westphalia, wineo focuses on providing outstanding service – reliably and assuredly.

The design-oriented, elastic floor coverings from wineo are used in homes in exactly the same way as in commercial buildings: the premises of public authorities, in offices, in the catering industry, in day-care centres and schools, retail areas and exhibitions and in the healthcare sector. Impressive in terms of design and function and optimised for every requirement. Durable, low-maintenance and long-lasting.

wineo laminate flooring

Wineo laminate flooring is Modern and yet timelessly beautiful – wineo 500 makes an immediate impression with 25 perfectly coordinated, top-quality oak decors, five styles from peaceful to pastoral and different colours from light to dark.

Its three formats, with the attractive V4 joint and practical Aqua-Stop, ensure it is the highlight of any room. In addition, the particularly resilient surface of the wineo laminate flooring 500 makes it suitable up to utilisation class 33. A perfectly thought-out system of design, quality and performance. That’s Forever Oak.

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We’ve put a lot of thought into our product to ensure that it’s especially easy for you to find the perfect floor covering. The result: the easiest way to find exactly the floor you want. We’ve pared down the choice of decors to the most important and arranged them in an easy-to-read grid according to their colour and rusticity. So you’re guaranteed to find your dream floor quickly. What’s particularly practical is that, when you move your mouse over the floor of your choice, you’ll see a preview of it in a real room, so you can get a first real impression of how it might look in your home. And with one click you can see an enlarged view of it.

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Thanks to Aqua-Stop technology, wineo laminate flooring remains resistant against liquids and moisture. This all round edge sealing protects the entire connection system and, in combination with high-quality carrier boards, is suitable for use in damp rooms such as kitchens, bathrooms or wellness zones. wineo laminate floorings equipped with Aqua-Stop show no visible signs of swelling, up to four times less compared to conventional laminate products.


The adhesive fixing of the soundSTOP underlay directly to the subfloor is state of the art and makes the floor 50 % more quiet than conventional laminate. With wineo Rock’n’Go, the soundSTOP underlay is pre fitted. The soundSTOP underlay is also available seperately, in order to turn every other laminate flooring with Fold-Down locking quiet.


Thanks to an integrated underlay, products marked with install ready can be laid directly onto a prepared subfloor.

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