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VINTAGE CLASSIC – KRONO 8155 – Appalachian hickory

VINTAGE CLASSIC , KRONO 8155 Appalachian hickory laminate floors

A simply stunning hickory laminate flooring brings magic to any room.

KRONO 8155 Appalachian hickory laminate floors

This stunning hickory laminate floor is a wonderful fusion of the old and new, a blend of tradition and modernity. The high quality authentic embossed structures feature elegant contrasting and a thrilling multi-gloss effect that emphasises the depth of the structure with matt and gloss elements that reflect the light differently.

The colour of Hickory laminate floor is caramel with yellow, this colour is ruddy, which brings people a natural warm feeling visually. But it is not as loud as red colour, a little bit brown colour with yellow looks superior sense, and it is stylish and subtle. The feeling of messiness meets the classic aesthetic, and this colour is beautiful the domestic decoration colour is key. The laminate flooring gives your home a timeless ambiance with its own, unique charm by combining our vintage collections.

About the decoration colour matching, Appalachian hickory belongs to dark colour, it is more suitable for white or light colour walls with dark floors. From a visual perspective, it is visually impactful, creating a nostalgic style and clean, mature and steady feeling.

VINTAGE CLASSIC, KRONO 8155 Appalachian hickory laminate floors