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The new generation in the flooring industry-high-performance SPC waterproof flooring

Understand what is spc eco-friendly waterproof flooring and why to choice that products.

With the development of age, flooring consumption from conservation traditional to changing to fashion trends. The demand of consumer is growing up for flooring in novelty, eco-friendly and economical. SPC flooring has become the one of world’s most popular product recently. FLOORCO introduced the new SPC waterproof flooring collection into the New Zealand market in 2018.

There are two sizes: commercial, and residential

1. Young, character, stylish and rich in design.

There are 25 colours to choose from in FLOORCO,which means it is rich in design areas, to meet our customer colourful life, it is can having the texture of wood and can design the stone effect of tiles. It is not only reasonable of cost, but also it is meet the consumer personalized needs of innovative products.

2. Safer, eco-friendly and more economical

SPC floor as a brand-new material, compared with wood floors do not need to cut down forests, it is eco-friendly, and can be recycled. For laminate flooring and engineered flooring that the source of formaldehyde in the floor is mainly glue. However, SPC waterproof floor is able to do zero formaldehyde, because its material and structure will not use glue. What is more, FLOORCO’S SPC slip Resistance is P3, and what means are used in almost all types of rooms, whether commercial or residential.

3. 100% waterproof product or wet areas such as kitchens and bathrooms flooring

The reason why SPC popular with consumers is that it is 100% waterproof, you don’t need to worry about the water will damaged the plank, also it is very high resistance to abrasion and easy to clean. The ATWOOD’S SPC floor that back of plank has a special mute underlay, so that the floor more elastic and more silent suitable for home has the elderly and children of the family.

4.Fast installation, you can complete by yourselves.

SPC floor is a click-lock system, it is can be installed directly after levelled subfloor. In addition, it can also be installation on the tile, do not knock off the old tile, but the premise is that make sure the condition of tile is levelled.  It is very suitable and convenient for the old house renovation.

what is spc waterproof flooring and why to choice that products.Wet areas suitable.