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The beautiful flooring design

Brown color beautiful wood flooring design ideas

Is a brown lacquer-finished European oak composite floorboard in GL flooring series. It is amazing that when you see the black wood texture and brown colour on the board first time you will think of tiger fur, which reflect a noble temperament with classical and heavy tone combined with the retro treated surface.

 In terms of product size, FP-17 is 1900mm in length, 190mm in width and 14mm in thickness, including 3mm solid oak layer, making it suitable for most rooms, regardless of size.This shallow brushed floor can touch the texture of wood more than a flat floor.The deeper the brush, the stronger the touch, which can make people feel the inner charm of wood.

The colour of FP-17 is dark brown. When it comes to dark floors, our impression is traditional, classic and calm. However, when the improper furniture and colours are matched, it causes a feeling of oppression. The most harmonious environment is to combine the dark floor with the white wall, the furniture of the similar colour or the dining table of log colour, and form a contrast with the floorboard and the wall. If you don’t like white walls, choose a wall with lower saturation hue. Thus, a nostalgic style, clean, mature and safe atmosphere can be created.

Moreover, when choosing this kind of dark floor, it’s best to have a large home area and plenty of light. Otherwise, you can make up for it with lights, or with floor-to-ceiling windows, which provide brighter and smarter background.

It is a click-lock system, which is one of the simple and direct installation methods, that why don’t need nails and glue, so it meets the needs of rapid DIY.

Brown color beautiful wood flooring design ideas