SPC Flooring FAQ’s

Manufactory accepted  product tolerance , upon and down warping, edge damage( not damage surface & Décor ) and some of unqualified product. The tolerance inclusive edge, thickness , width, T&G etc.

Products tolerance


Edge damage



<10% of length

<1.5% of length



Colour variation

Sapwood (white of edge)

Color change

Knots & wood grain


By Design


By Design

SPC flooring is a new type from 2017. This flooring is an upgrade new product from LVT and WPC flooring.

The First Generation product is PVC flooring– This is made from 100% plasticized. This product is one of the most environmentally hazardous consumer materials.

The second Generation product is WPC flooring– Which is made from wood and plastic. WPC flooring is not waterproof, and they are expanding similar to wood flooring.

3rd Generation product is LVT flooring- LVT flooring is too soft, not easy to fitting,

4th Generation product is SPC flooring– Which is the future of flooring products.

100% Waterproof flooring and installed in any living spaces. Included kitchen, bathrooms, laundry, or restaurant or commercial.

Spc flooring is Quieter sound and not hear a sound when walking on flooring.

Yes,SPC Flooring is Formaldehyde-free.

SPC flooring is great cost and budget-friendly.

Yes,All the floors at Floorco can be used for underfloor heating either hot water or an electric heating system. While the surface temperature of the laid flooring must not exceed 27  ℃ permanently

Yes, Spc flooring is very easy to DIY.

Yes, we do.
Normally, it takes one day for a less than 30 sqm area if extra preparation for the subfloor such as leveling or sanding, removing existing floor covering, taking off skirting boards will take 0.5 to 1-day 30sqm area.

If you choose a glue-down method, it will double the time as the floating method because of the waterproofing process and the installation.

Yes, please understanding flooring color change that is natural.

No, SPC flooring is not scratch-proof. Please following with:

We are Spc flooring expert in Auckland. As one of the first companies to supply spc flooring in New Zealand, we know more about it. Now SPC flooring is one of the most popular types of flooring currently in production.

Which stands for Stone Plastic Composite. It features a core that is typically comprised of natural limestone powder (calcium carbonate), polyvinyl chloride and stabilizers (plasticizers).

Wear layer: This is the layer that provides resistance to scratches and stains. It is thin and completely transparent.

Vinyl layer: The vinyl is durable and strong. It is printed with the flooring pattern and color.

Core layer: This is the waterproof core made from either stone plastic composite (SPC) or wood plastic composite (WPC).

Base layer: EVA foam or cork forms the base of the plank. But it is the difference of core layer that can make all the difference.

SPC vinyl flooring is the most durable vinyl flooring option on the market, which is not distortion or warping and not harmful emissions. What’s more, it is also heat and sound insulation, eco-friendly and completely waterproof.

Buy spc flooring in Auckland, Known more about SPC flooring from us.