Stepcase laminate Otago flooring- SC03

Laminate flooring | Stepcase | 1216 x 196 mm |

Product thickness: 12 mm | Oak surface |

Product code: SC03


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With a classic natural oak tones, gives a laid-back, welcoming feel. Even through living in a downtown area. EmbossedEmbossed -In-Register (EIR)is a manufacturing process that intensifies the depth,texture and authentic look of the flooring by an embossment surface which is totally matching the wooden vein of the decoration paper to indulge you in a feeling of real wood.

Floating floors are not directly fix to the subfloor but are instead laid over an underlay without any glue. It is suitable for any types of flooring apart from solid wood flooring. The cost of installation of floating is lower than glue down, and easily to maintenance and replacement.


  • A cheaper option
  • Quick to install


  • Noisier to walk on than glue-down flooring and joints may squeak
  • Does not feel as firm to walk on
  • Subfloor must be flat

Large rooms or open-plan areas:  A wide plank will best enhance the space, helping it to appear less cluttered and larger than it really is. a smaller pattern may make the room appear too busy.

It is new method for flooring in the market. Its name comes from the fact that the plank used in the installation process are “clicked or locked” together, so that staples and glued are not needed. Actually, click-lock of flooring is one of easiest and most straightforward ways to install, especially on a fast DIY basis.

Stepcasa is a High quality laminate flooring brand owned by the Floorco trading ltd. It was built in 2019. The Brand Stepcasa is very unusual in the New Zealand flooring market, Floorco victor many of factory because we try to find new flooring color and decor to New Zealand market.

Buy luxury laminate floors stepcase Otago




Installation type:Click-lock
Plank design:1-strip wide plank
Surface texture:Oak surface
V-Joint:Authentic joint design
Profile connection:Loc
Plank format:1216 x 196 mm
Product thickness: 12 mm
Utilization class:Utilization class 23 | Heavy-duty use in the domestic area
Utilization class 31 | Heavy-duty use in the commercial sector
Abrasion classAC3
Package content: 1.43sqm
Pack weight: 15.75KG
Reaction to fire:Cfl-s1
Pack cubic meter:0.0197m3
Collection variant: Stepcasa
Application areas: Hotel + Hospitality
Private living area
Retail + Fair
Social housing
Installation method Floating