ANTICO Engineered Flooring Natural wood-AN06

Engineered wood flooring | ANTICO190 | 1900 x 190 mm |

Product thickness: 20 mm | 6mm Oak top-layer |

Wax oiled |Multi-layer base | Handcrafted oak |

European made |

Product code: AN06


Antico Engineered handcrafted real wood oak  flooring nz,

The popular antique style has long been in fashion, because it embodies the precious traces of time, revealing their beauty in 100% handcrafted aesthetics. Anitco accentuate the hidden beauty lying within the noble Products,revealing the fullest natural beauty.

Engineered wood flooring is assuring good stability. Secondly, engineered flooring remains all the appearance and features of solid timber flooring with a decorative layer of solid timber. And other timber or other materials beneath, which can differ clearly in their construction.

With a classic natural oak tones, gives a laid-back, welcoming feel. Even through living in a downtown area, it is still feel the breath of nature.The highest level of hand-craft in the hardwood flooring process which completely surface treated by hand. It is pure hand-made process is artificially polished, so that the surface is more smooth, the touch and the pedaling are very delicate.

The glue down method involves fixing floorboard directly to the substrate using an adhesive. Glue down is very suitable for real wood floorboard since it will minimize the expansion and contraction of real wood products, so that the stability of the floorboard after installation is best.

Tongue & Groove means that each floorboard piece has a protruding tongue side and a receiving groove side. A tongue is securely inserted into the groove of the adjacent plate. The purpose is to control the vertical movement between adjacent plates. Vast rooms or areas: An extreme-wide plank will give the ultimate feeling of grandeur.

Antico Engineered handcrafted real wood oak  flooring nz.


Wood species:European oakEuropean oak
Finished:Wax oiled Handcrafted
Install type:T&G
Bevel edge:Antiqued bevel
Profile connection:Gluing
Plank length: 1900mm with 80%
Product thickness: 20 mm
Product wide: 190mm
Top-layer: 6mm
Package content: 1.805 sqm
Wood features: A very large quantity
Product grade: Antiqued
Pack weight: 24.75kg
Collection variant: Antico190
Application areas: Kitchen
Private living area
Social housing
Installation method Glue down