GL flooring

Engineered floating wood flooring timber, Real oak wood plank.

GL Engineered wood flooring is both durable and resistant to changes in humidity.The floorboard is made from different species of wood layered together with a top layer of hardwood veneer. Due to the way it is made, engineered wood flooring is exceptionally strong and durable. It is also easy to install and usually slots together with a click-lock system.

GL flooring is a truly practical engineered oak collection, chosen for its strength, flexibility of installation and overall stability it really does offer you a long term solution to your engineered Oak floorboard installation.Has a more uniform and cleaner look that brings a refined elegance to a home. The lower knot content of GL collections gives a more contemporary appearance.

overlay hardwood flooring meets modern requirements and keeps a traditional timber floorboard appearance. The multiple layers of plywood backing give support to the visible top layer of the precious hardwood, resulting in a floorboard that looks and feels like a solid wood floorboard but with a much more efficient use of precious material and that can still be sanded and re-finished after years of use.

Engineered floating wood flooring timber, Real oak wood plank.

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