Antico wood

Antico wood Handcraft European oak flooring

ANTICO PAVIMENTI IN LTGNO is a handcrafted European oak flooring with a modern and rustic combination of style, giving the flooring a peculiar enchant and character.

Every artisan at Antico can read wood textures and seriously treat all cracks and knots on their originality. From design to filling, they are carefully sculpted, uses tools brushing the surface depth bit by bit until each piece of wood plank becomes a unique work of art, giving the room a new look of experience.

Antico artisans make every timber board is unique to ensure full customization and attention to detail. Wonderfully textured wood, tiny grooves, distinctive finishes, and cracks create a fantastic texture that is deliberately made to look raw and natural to enhance the Antico product.

Feel the texture of this handcrafted wood flooring. The tiny irregular grooves bring the fascination of antique, raw floorboards produced manually by master artisans.

The Antique hardwood flooring is a pure natural emotion. Natural Textured wood is the main feature of this flooring product. The timber seems to come from old trees. The country house, oldest castle, or beach villas create excellent textured wood flooring.

Antico wood Handcraft European oak flooring

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