Krono original

Krono original laminate flooring made in Germany 100% European products, Auckland

Who is Krono Original?

Kronospan is the world’s leading manufacturer of wood-based panels.
Kronospan are used in everything from flooring and furniture to timber-framed houses.

Because,we have invested in innovation since 1897, our integrated operation allows us to perfect every last detail.

Laminate from Krono Original® 

easily mistaken for real wood

Firstly,buy laminate flooring for that all-round feel-good sensation

Laminate is an ideal alternative to genuine wooden floors. Another,in the world of Krono Original® laminate flooring, you will find a wide selection of wonderful decors, with an emphasis on the natural look. Laminate has many advantages: it is durable, hard-wearing, and creates a comfortable, feel-good atmosphere in your home.

Secondly, quality from laminate flooring

Krono original places the emphasis. above all, On achieving a natural look in the production of laminate flooring.

Intensive colouring, natural-looking surface structures, a particular brilliance and a feel like real wood make this laminate really stand out.

See for yourself: find out more about our broadly diversified range of laminate flooring.

Vintage Classic

A timeless combination.

A tasteful fusion of old and new, Krono Original® Vintage Classic flooring provides the perfect foundation for a thrilling juxtaposition of tradition and modernity. The popular vintage style has long been in fashion, because it embodies the precious traces of time, revealing their beauty in partly hand-finished aesthetics. Vintage Classic, Vintage Long and Vintage Narrow flooring can look wonderful when used together in the same room, offering a stylish appearance in the spirit of the times

Super Natural Classic

A stunning new achievement in realism.

Krono original Super Natural Classic range provides a new level of realism. The matt or satin finished surfaces with Authentic Embossed glossy or deep matt pores faithfully reproduce the most exquisite features of premium quality timber to give your floor a natural look and feel laminate flooring.

Variostep Classic

Striking floorboard aesthetics.

The Krono original Variostep Classic collection not only satisfies your demand for unmatched quality and easy installation. Its V-grooves also create the cosy look of a genuine solid hardwood floor. The grooves give your floor a unique and charming solid plank appearance as well as creating a sense of space. So if you’re looking to give your room a breathtaking new lease of life, you certainly won’t be disappointed.

Krono original laminate flooring made in Germany 100% European products, Auckland

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