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Flooring specialist in New Zealand

In New Zealand we have been stocking an incredibly broad range of products, from gorgeous engineered wood flooring and Laminate to elegant spc flooring.

With an overall landed stock of almost 100,000sqm, we are one of the foremost flooring companies supplying wholesalers, retail shops and also architects in the New Zealand.

We keep a flooring broad portfolio of products to cater for every taste, but it does not stop there, we have been continually working closely together with our customers to keep up with the trend, and researching new ideas and products to lead the trend too.

Engineered wood flooring

Must be known wood timber

Engineered wood floorboard must be known 1.0 What is engineered hardwood floors Engineered real wood floors provides some extra stability, […]

How to cleaning,maintenance and care for wood flooring,laminate floors and spc flooring

The tips for flooring cleaning and maintenance

How to cleaning,maintenance and care for wood flooring,laminate floors and spc flooring. The tips for floors cleaning and maintenance It’s the season of autumn in the southern hemisphere, but there is a lot of dust in our homes in this season as well. Today, I will share the tips for […]

European wood flooring

Wood flooring clean and care

how to clean, maintenance or care wood flooring? Wood floorboard care and clean Hardwood Flooring adds beauty, value and classic style to your home. You can keep your Hardwood floors looking great by following these helpful care tips. OILED FLOORING CARE&MAINTENANCE All oiled floors should be thoroughly cleaned right after […]

quality and cheap spc flooring shop on sale

SPC Flooring care and clean

SPC FLOORING CARE&MAINTAIN SPC Flooring is beautiful, durable and easy to maintain. Still, you’ll need to do basic cleaning, and accidents do happen. Here are some simple and easy-care tips to keep your Vinyl floors looking newer, longer. SPC Floor Cleaning Tips: Remove loose dirt with a soft bristle broom. […]


How to deal with the uneven sub-floors

Flooring leveling, Preparation sub-floors, Wood flooring prepare, Nowadays, some customers prefer to do flooring installation (DIY) in their spare time, which can save the labor cost of installation. However, the […]

herringbone wood flooring

The Queen of parquet products

“Unbelievable that Parquet ever fell out of fashion. ” Jason said. But,is that true? Parquet History First used by King louis XIV In Versailles, France in 1684. The flooring was […]

Dark wood flooring


Dark wood flooring History repeats itself — that’s nothing new. Every creator reaches for the classics of yesteryear to use in contemporary designs. What was once fashionable returns, but in […]

Smoky colors matching

flooring specialists In the modern housing decoration, wooden flooring laying is quite usual. In New Zealand, more and more people directly choose wooden flooring laying when they build their new […]

Interiors inspired by Nature

Interiors inspired Palm trees, palm leaves and pineapples are increasingly common in interiors as patterns on wallpaper and textiles. Tropically-themed accessories can be highly varied. They bring an interior to […]

Wol natural real oak flooring

Wol flooring

Wol natural real oak wood flooring Wol flooring 3-plywood Engineered floorboard provides a durable […]

gl engineered real wood flooring

GL Flooring

GL ENGINEERD REAL WOOD FLOORING, Hardwood Real oak timber GL Engineered wood flooring is […]

Binyl pro moisture defense laminate flooring nz

Binyl Pro

Binyl pro moisture defense laminate flooring buy in nz THE FLOOR THAT GIVES YOU […]


Extra Life and Extra Save, Your smart choice Engineered wood flooring is both durable […]

Antico Wood

It is perfect in imperfection. Italy flooring ANTICO PAVIMENTI IN LTGNO is European oak […]

laminate flooring and wood flooring

Atwood floors

3O Years manufacturer 30-years manufacturer since 1990, Atwood floors focus in wood products production […]

Wineo Laminate

Wineo laminate flooring Wineo laminate flooring , international company Windmöller stands for innovative and […]



Barlinek wood flooring The Barlinek Group is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of […]

Krono original

Krono Original

Krono original,Kronopan Krono Original Made in Germany is the world’s leading Laminate flooring brand. […]