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New Fasion Home Colors design – 2020

Every year, Milan proclaims to the world what new looks will reign in interiors, what’s hottest and what’s on the way out. With interiors, just as with fashion, trends should be approached with some caution. You need to keep your finger on the pulse, but there is no reason to repaint your entire home straight away. As the Mecca of design, Milan indicates certain directions each year, but today’s “in” thing around the world might not actually be seen down your street until tomorrow.

Champagne, lemon yellow, pumpkin red and sky blues — these are coming. There is a strong trend towards peaceful colour schemes, harmony, rest in the bosom of nature. The colours themselves are one thing, the way the materials are used is another matter. The range of extras consists mainly of greens (green plants), but there are also browns both light (natural wood) and dark (turf), beiges, greys (like rocks), broken greys (like a dark stormy sky), khaki, olive and dirty sea blues.

2020 color | #1 champagne

2020 color | #2 wood natural

2020 color | #3 sky blue

2020 color | #4 lemon yellow

2020 color | #5 pumpkin red