Must be 100% understanding before your pay

Must be 100% understand Floorco policy before make payment















A quote is a document that contains specific products offered by a company as well as the cost of the product, cost of install, cost of freight delivery, cost of perpetration, etc. install and perpetration is estimated/roughly, final payment invoice depends on the real situation with how many packs buyer use.

1.1 Quote Number

If any service or confirm with detail please let FLOORCO know Quote Number. Please use your quote number as your reference when you make a bank transfer.

1.2 Description:

Description means is products detail or service detail, every product FLOORCO builds product code if any please let us know product code that’s will be easy to confirm your order.

The product’s length may have tolerance ± 20mm, and all wood type flooring will be 75-80% with full length and 20-25% with random length. The width may have a tolerance of ± 2mm, the thickness may have a tolerance of ± 0.5mm.

1.3 Quantity and unit price

For product quantity and unit price by pack, For install services by Sqm.

1.4 Amount

The amount is a proposal based on the dimensions/plans provided. Additional flooring and/or different service may change the price of your order. Additional freight charges will be passed on to the customer if the seller has been charged additional freight for the delivery of an extra job that is not included in this proposal.

1.5 Term of payment

All flooring materials are paid in cleared funds before delivery/pick up on all orders.

Buy materials and install service orders will be received one quote include materials cost and install cost, and after payment, the buyer will receive one material invoice and install the invoice.

All product remains the property of FLOORCO TRADING LTD. until paid for in full.

1.5.1 Buy materials only

  1. Full payment: All materials must pay full funds before delivery or pick up.
  2. Deposit: The materials buyer need hold/order products they must by pay deposit first, and pay full funds before delivery or pick up.


1.5.2 Buy materials and install service

  1. DEPOSIT: All order must by pay deposit and then FLOORCO will be holding products and booking install time.
  2. PAY 70%  before delivery:  materials must be paid in cleared funds, and pay 70% of install amount before start work  .FLOORCO can be change payment term if both agree.
  3. Left over: after install Please pay left over within 7 days. After 7days we will be charge interest with 2.5%per day . Following with terms and conditions of trade.


1.6 Floorco Retrns & Order cancel policy

1.6.1 Returns

Floorco trading Ltd. allow client to return products  14 days after the day of delivery for a refund but that’s can’t accept with any of the special products. before returning, please contact or email the FLOORCO TRADING LTD. customer service team.please understand FLOORCO will charge 15% for a restocking fee,  prodcut must be “new” and “unopen”,” unused” , “package perfect condition”.

1.6.2 Order cancel

FLOORCO.allow the client cancel an order within 48 hours if the goods do not pick up.. Please note, before canceling the order, please contact or email FLOORCO, let team know “quote number” or  “invoice number”.

1.7 Delivery Policy

1.7.1 Delivery times

Auckland Standard Delivery (1-3 working days)

Northland Delivery (2-5 working days)

South Delivery (4-8 working days)

Please understand, the delivery times is estimating/roughly, we can’t guarantee delivery date.

1.7.2 Tracking number

All of orders by freight will also come with a tracking number, that you can follow your order every step of the way. We will send email within tracking number.

1.7.3 Kerbside Delivery

For flooring product we use Large Vehicles who will deliver your floor on a pallet by kerbside delivery. Unfortunately, truck driver can not allowed to unpack your order and bring it inside, please ensure that you are available to receive your delivery and bring it inside.

We strongly advise against booking installers until goods have been received and checked as, regrettably, we cannot be held responsible for any consequential losses.

1.7.4 Floorco Failed Deliveries Policy

If your order arrives as arranged but we’re unable to deliver because there’s nobody home, the goods are refused, there’s inadequate help available,, you will be liable for any additional costs incurred for the goods being returned.

1.7.5 Floorco Order not as expected Policy

It is important to check the packages for any visual damage to the goods and sign for your order on arrival. In the rare event that you receive damaged goods or there are missing items, please make sure it is noted on the courier’s paperwork. If you are not able to inspect the goods at the point of delivery, we strongly suggest that you contact us directly as soon as possible to make sure we are aware of the problem so that we can resolve it swiftly.

1.7.6 Floorco policy – What happens if everything isn’t as it should be?

Just like you, we want your floor to arrive in tip-top condition, so we do everything possible to ensure that it does. However, there are times when even the best laid plans go awry so please check your goods as soon as you receive them to make sure you are happy. We’re afraid that unless signed for as ‘damaged on delivery’, you’ll be liable for the return delivery charge. Claims for damaged goods must be made within 14 days of delivery.

1.7.7 Ownership and Risk:

Risk in the goods delivered shall pass to the buyer once the goods have been received into the custody of the

buyer, or on behalf of the buyer. Please take care to ensure your goods (flooring) at the time of delivery.

1.8 Workmanship guarantee and conditions

By Floorco policy,we are offer one-year workmanship guarantee on all work order, the all of workmanship guarantee can’t transfer to any of others. All goods and services are subject to normal trade tolerances over and under in respect of weight, dimension or other measures of quality and performance.

1.9 Preparation of your site prior to Commencement Proposal price is based on a ‘clean and clear’ policy. Please have no other tradies in the work space. Please remove all rubbish/construction waste, furniture and appliances. This will give us the best delay free start to your project. Please ensure you have taken care of your fittings by covering and wrapping things like balustrades, Bench tops and Kitchen cabinets ready for us to commence our service for you. We can help you at a little extra charge if you are unable to do so.

Remove skirting will damage the board or take wall painting damage, Floorco no responsibility to repair and pay.

Dust is minimal but can sometimes be an inevitable part of finishing your floor. We use the best dust free systems on the market yet we still recommend utilising a home cleaning service after we have completed our work just to get everything ship shape and shiny.

You may choose for us to apply dust wrap to doorways – occasionally minimal damage can occur to paint work when tape is removed, however all care is taken by our wonderful team and we can recommend a cost effective touch up service if this should occur.

Please ensure your site is compliant with site safe regulations – the team look forward to working in a safe site. We can advise on any questions you may have regarding safety or safety requirements.

Damage doesn’t often occur to skirtings if they have been left on during sanding and coating. Although we do recommend skirting/kick panels and joinery should be removed and reinstalled by your trusty builder for the best result. Please talk further if you require us to undercut your skirting at an extra charge.

Please ensure no one walks on your floors when it is time to coat or while your coats are drying. No windows or doors are to be opened (even for that sneaky peek!) as the force of any breeze will blow dust and other matter into your finish. Pet doors must be secured – we recommend seeking pet care for your beloved pets,  cat prints aren’t the best feature of a timber floor.

Minor marks on paintwork can rarely occur as we are navigating long lengths of timber inside some tricky areas. Be assured we do our very best not to touch paintwork. We can recommend and facilitate a simple and effective touch up service to paint work however if this does occur.

the level of the sub-floor prior to installation, any unevenness greater than +/-3mm over a measured length of 3m or +/-1.2mm over a measured length of 0.35m, the sub-floor must be levelled first. Please understand if sunfloor not level flooring will be many problem after install, we can help make sub-floor level/even but this will be extra charge.

The double edge distance of approx. 10 mm must be observed. A side length of approx. 8m should not be exceeded.

2.0 INSTALL WORKMANSHIP MUST BE KNOW – We will following with floorco install inspection standared, We do not accept with any other standared, so please read it very carefuly.make deposit /payment that’s means your agree and understand this workmaship. If not happy with our standared, We can help by facilitating this on your behalf with a reliable and trustworthy supplier.

By floorco policy, must be understand, we can’t gurantee with completion times. All of time is estimating/roughly.

Please following with:

  1. Because of productions, installation and wall panel tolerance etc, The install workmanship can not be 100% vertical, parallel and straight.
Install tolerance allowableApproximately ± 5‰ variation over 1 meters
  1. If to prepare(Levelling , grounding, remove something on sub-floors)  your sub-floors, that’s will be extra charge.
Sub-floors AllowableApproximately within 5mm variation over 3 meters.
  • After install of the flooring ,the floor level range will be:
Floor level AllowableApproximately within 5mm variation over 3 meters.
  • Flooring(laminate floors, spc floors , floating wood flooring) upon and down of float, this is very common. The reason is about flooring underlayment thickness and sub-floors level tolerance.
Upon and down AllowableApproximately within 3mm variation over 3 meters
  • Flooring squeaking noises allowable with all of floating floors.
Squeaking noises AllowableFloating floors
  • Expansion joint around the whole floors, but not include with Spc flooring.
Expansion joint AllowableOver 6mm
  • If we Cut “door frame, wall , kit board , skirting board,  door board ,etc.” 
Cutting tolerance range AllowableWithin 5mm
  • All of the work for cutting have a tolerance range, We must be leave little gaps if the same where the installer can’t undercut.
Gap AllowableWithin 5mm
Fill in gap AllowableColour following with wall, kitchen or flooring colours
  • All of the flooring edges may slight height variances that occur, which is common.
Height variances AllowableWithin 0.5mm
  1. All of the flooring joints together may slight gaps variances, which is common.
Gaps variances AllowableWithin 1mm
  1. That transitions between carpet/tiles and flooring areas in all doorways are organized separately. We use normal trim/transitions if any special requirements with transitions/ trim please let us know before your order
Trim/transitions InstalledYes
  1. Dust is minimal but can sometimes be an inevitable part of finishing your floor, we try to best. But we still recommend a home cleaning service after work. This not warranties a claim.
  1. All of the flooring fit with glue-down floors,  sometimes glue will be leave one the flooring surface or edges, but that is can be remove and clean. This not warranties a claim.
  1. Please understand glue down flooring will not squeaking noises, but all of the flooring fit with floating floors-  if laying down over 3-month squeaking noises is not a problem for flooring or work. That’s Failure about humidity and maintain or cleaning. This not warranties a claim.
  1. Any of spills/stain and water damage not allowed warranties.
  1. after fitting does not use steam mop this not allowed warranties.
  1. We not guarantee job completion time, but we will try our best, all about time that is estimated. If any delay because of us, we not allowed to warranty a claim.
  1. Floating flooring will be contract and expand with temperature changes and humidity. Separation and spacing may occur between planks and will not be considered damage. Flooring that is damaged due to excess humidity or temperature change will not warranty a claim.
  1. Please understand once the work begins, we do not guarantee any personality require if you not let FLOORCO know it before you order.  Personality means: “ flooring color aberration, natural, knots, textural, etc.”
  • House owner does not accept for preparation job(levelling, grounding, remove )but  because of that reason FLOORCO not accept warranties. not accept for preparation means “ not pay, not agree, not charge, etc.”
  • Subfloors preparation can not 100% perfect if that not a new house. All of the old house subfloors are complexity. We will try our best, but please understand we can’t 100% guarantee for old house subfloors preparation is for buyers require. our team will make it suitable for flooring fit/install. Old house mean “ used” and “ furnished”.
  • All product or service remains the property of FLOORCO TRADING LTD. until paid for in full.

2.1 Floorco Completion Policy

The buyer ensures that transitions between carpet and flooring areas in all doorways are organized separately. We

can help by facilitating this on your behalf with a reliable and trustworthy supplier.

Flooco can recommend a painter to silicone around skirtings once they have been reinstalled by your

trusty builder if you need us to.

The rubbish will be left in the site bin.

The acceptor of this proposal gives their guarantee for the full payment on completion of the job.

FLOORCO is not required to accept claims for the discrepancy in orders unless the buyer makes a written

claim within 3 days of delivery of the goods or service.

In the event that this account is not settled within our trading terms, we reserve the right to add all costs of

collection and any late payment charges to this account pursuant to the Fair Trading Act 1986.

Must be 100% understand Floorco policy before make payment