Herringbone wooden flooring

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Herringbone wooden flooring

Wood Herringbone flooring piecing meets warm elegance, Elegance can be found in the details. hardwood floor is best choice.Barlinek herringbone floors

How do you harmonize the classical with the modern? Providing a sense of spaciousness for the older homeowner, the design allows the new hardscape software to respond to the building itself.

Living room

The main color of the whole decoration is light and warm scale, and the light brown herringbone pattern wood floor is laid. The elegant and simple line board wall is transformed by modern methods, so as to simplify the decoration and complicated lines, so as to create a clean and transparent atmosphere with flowing air.

At the same time, it is embellished with minimalist and elegant classic furniture, through warm leather sofas, single chairs, streamlined and transparent lighting and a little greenery to complete the unique look.


Clear distinction between the public and private areas, corridor and restaurant with mosaic mirror between the room to enlarge the sense of view.

Dining room

The cabinet in the kitchen adopts the overall embedded design, which is very simple and fashionable, and fully meets the daily space storage. Haze blue gray color and dining chair, cabinet door echo, the whole is very harmonious, also can reflect the classical charm.


The wall color matches the overall home color palette, and the backdrop is designed with asymmetrical lines, hiding a unique design concept in its simplicity. The leather staple bed is the highlight of the space.

In the second bedroom, the design is similar to that of the master bedroom, with a hand-painted easel and greenery expressing the homeowner’s desire and love of life.


Wood color Herringbone parquet floor with white walls and black embellishment, classic and smart. The mirror surface is used as decoration, which can enlarge the visual sense.

Herringbone wooden flooring