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Waterpro spc flooring projects

These tiles and planks have interlocking tongue and groove installation features, allowing you to lock and lock the floor together as easily as a traditional laminate.

Product descriptions vary from product to product, but the following is an example of a typical installation composition.

Complete all necessary floor preparations.

Press the end seam of the second board into the end seam of the first board, and then lock them together by lowering the board. Continue to work from left to right.

Install the first circuit board in the second row by inserting the tongue into the insertion of the first row of circuit boards. Continue this process until all boards have been installed.

Protect all exposed edges by installing wooden decorative strips and/or transition strips. Make sure that the plank is not fixed to the floor in any way.

Composite vinyl flooring is a great choice.

Waterpro spc flooring projects