5954 laminate flooring projects

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5954 laminate flooring projects

Krono Original Made in Germany is the world’s leading Laminate flooring brand.

Revenue 4 billion EUR (2015)

Founded: 1897

Krono Original places the emphasis, above all, on achieving a natural look in the production of laminate flooring. Intensive coloring, natural-looking surface structures, a particular brilliance and a feel like real wood make this laminate really stand out. See for yourself: find out more about our broadly diversified range of laminate flooring.

Vintage Classic

A timeless combination.

A tasteful fusion of old and new, Krono Original® Vintage Classic flooring provides the perfect foundation for a thrilling juxtaposition of tradition and modernity. The popular vintage style has long been in fashion, because it embodies the precious traces of time, revealing their beauty in partly hand-finished aesthetics. Vintage Classic, Vintage Long and Vintage Narrow flooring can look wonderful when used together in the same room, offering a stylish appearance in the spirit of the times

5954 laminate flooring projects