5542 laminate flooring projects

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5542 laminate flooring projects

Krono flooring is AquaGuard laminate board.

All major brands manufacture waterproof laminates. It is not as waterproof as vinyl flooring, but it can resist water damage for about a day.

But AquaGuard has the best technology and has a 30-hour warranty instead of the 24-hour warranty offered by other products.

Why AquaGuard is the best waterproof laminate

Several other brands also have coated edges. AquaGuard boards are coated twice to provide excellent water absorption resistance.

The manufacturer is confident in the moisture resistance of AquaGuard and therefore provides the Pet Pet Pet Pet Warranty: “AquaGuard guarantees that after thorough cleaning, the multilayer floor will not be permanently contaminated by pet urine (domestic cats or dogs).” However, the warranty coverage Very narrow. . It may be difficult for you to get honor.

AquaGuard has other things worth mentioning.

5542 laminate flooring projects