Krono flooring projects

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Krono laminate flooring projects

Reliable, professional, and flexible combination of material selection, binylpro excellently chooses the impact and responsibility of natural environmentally friendly raw materials on the healthy environment of the home.

FLOORCO FLOORING’s floor substrates are all pressed from pure industrial pine wood over 20 years old, with high density and no bark, leaves and other impurities.

In terms of the hardness of wood, floorco flooring is fully in line with commercial grades above EAAC4. KRONO Wood’s mature floor production process, in a constant temperature and humidity production environment, filled with high density + high strength + high air permeability of aluminum oxide resistance Grinding layer, wear resistance index is greater than 9000 revolutions, suitable for different environments such as homes, offices, large supermarkets, etc.

KRONO has launched a new product design in 2019 to reject the unchangeable design. Using different log materials, different colors and real wood textures, to create 7 different fashion colors suitable for different ages and decoration styles, truly customer-centric and continuous innovation.

KRONO Wood’s professional design and color research and development department, in the production of laminate flooring, restores the real grain wood texture to a great extent, while taking into account the comfortable and soft hand feeling, so that every piece of Floorco floor ingreturns to the original.

Krono laminate flooring projects.