1514 binylpro laminate flooring

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1514 binylpro svalbard oak laminate flooring

1514 svalbard oak 

Texture: Living pore

Authentic Embossed


The Binylpro floor series represents our widest range of new decorations, new trends, new surface textures and finishes, all inspired by top European designers.

Our flooring product range includes everything from classic laminate flooring to veneer flooring, which is made of synthetic resin and natural wood from sustainably managed forests. BINYLPRO flooring has widely acclaimed antistatic and sound-absorbing properties, as well as clever click sound installation; decoration inspired by nature, incomparable with real wood, high-definition design decorative surface with matte and glossy finish . BINYLPRO floors are designed to meet the changing needs of life and the personal tastes of customers. Compared with carpets and other floor coverings, they are easy to clean and more hygienic.

We believe that we will support our retail partners with a top team of internal and field sales professionals, backed by excellent customer service.

We showcase our floors through high-quality point-of-sale demonstrations, and win market power through excellent products and excellent price/performance ratio.

1514 binylpro svalbard oak