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binylpro laminate flooring projects

Now, we have raised the bar by creating a product that combines the best of both worlds (laminate flooring and waterproof flooring).

Through the most advanced ORCA technology (Organic1 rigid core anti-static), we use alternative materials that have been professionally and very successfully used in the past 120 years. The material we know best: wood! Products with ORCA contain up to 90% of these attributes from sustainably managed forests. In addition, we use special organic adhesives to make core boards that are both organic and waterproof.

The innovative ORCA board can even be installed with BinylPRO in a private bathroom 3 that uses only fusion or ceramic tiles. Therefore, BinylPRO also has excellent thermal stability and color fastness, even making BinylPRO look good in greenhouses and rooms with floor-to-ceiling windows.

Binylpro is water Defense flooring and 100% made in Germany!binylpro

binylpro laminate flooring projects