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Floorco is a laminate,SPC,wood flooring importer, NZ wide supplier

We are Laminate, hardwood, Spc flooring supplier. NZ flooring Importer, about floorco

Established in 2015 in Auckland.

Floorco has become one of the largest hardwood, laminate, SPC flooring importer and supplier of New Zealand flooring. 

After that, Floorco has built up a powerful supply chain.

We have been stocking an extensive range of products, from gorgeous engineered and laminate flooring to elegant SPC flooring.

With an overall landed stock of almost 200,000sqm. We keep a broad portfolio of products to cater to every taste, but it does not stop there.

We have been continually working closely with our customers to keep up with the trend and research new ideas and products to lead the trend.

Above all, we supply and importer over 10 brands of flooring products from the world’s industry-leading brands.

On the other hand, Our large warehouse and volume of stock ensure our customers can get what they want immediately.

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 We are Laminate, hardwood, Spc flooring supplier. NZ flooring Importer, about floorco

Environmental Policy

Firstly, Floorco understands the importance of protecting our planet, forests, and families.
Secondly, We only select those products and brands having the certificates of FSC, CE, PEFC, A+, Blue Angel, ISO 9001, and ISO 1400.
Therefore, FLOORCO has always tried its best to provide high-quality wood flooring and great services to our valued customers in New Zealand. In addition, Floorco’s main product includes solid flooring, engineered hardwood, and laminate flooring supplier.
Above all, Floorco is a trusted supplier that has been in the industry for over 30 years and has earned an excellent reputation as a reliable wooden SPC flooring importer and supplier.
Moreover checking out our Testimonials or search on google to see our customer feedback.
World-leading brands, environment-friendly products those more than 100-years history leading brands covering hardwood timber, laminate, SPC manufactured supplier in Europe with the highest quality and environmental concern. We have an extensive range of products and stock volume to provide quick responses and available products.
We offer more than 1000 options to our customers, covering timber flooring, laminate, and vinyl flooring.
Expert Knowledge and solution with more than 30 years of experience in the timber flooring industry have plenty of knowledge and expertise to support our customers and supply near a perfect solution for any floor conditions.
Most important, a Low-profit policy, better products, lower prices, and low profit are always our priorities. Moreover, beating any same products lowers the price by 10%!
In addition, Floorco Built 420sqm flooring showroom in North-shore and 1200sqm warehouse in Mt Wellington to stocking more products, more colors!

Floorco is an SPC, laminate, wood flooring importer, NZ wide supplier

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