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We are flooring specialist!

Established in 2015 in Auckland, Floorco has become one of the largest hardwood, laminate, SPC and floors product accesspries supplier in the New Zealand.  We have built up a very strong supply chain, we have been stocking an incredibly broad range of products, from gorgeous engineered timber and laminate floors to elegant spc vinyl plank.

More about Floorco

  Over 200,000 sqm landed flooring in stock, Floorco always offer the correct solution for your project.

Floorco as an agent provides many brands to meet clients needs, world class brands coming in New Zealand.

Hardwood, Laminate,Spc , Antico ,Krono, Wineo,Barlinek,accessories,thousand selections available!

Floorco works with the logistic company in New Zealand to deliver our products to your, no matter where you are!

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New Zealand Engineered wood flooring,laminate and spc Specialist

About us


We are manufacturers and European brands distributors in the New Zealand.

Floorco supply over 1000 selections products inclusive Wood flooring,laminate floorboard  and spc vinyl plank, Floorco is Krono laminate floorboard ,Barlinek engineered wood and Wineo laminte floors NZ distributors.


First of all,We have built up a very strong supply chain since 2015.

Also,we have been stocking and incredibly broad range of products inclusive engineered wooden and laminate floorboard to elegant spc and floor accessories.

finally, our purchase team checked every square meters in manufactures by our standard, floorco always focus for cost control and quality control.

Buy from Floorco that is buy from Manufacturers.

Misunderstanding laminate,wood flooring,spc flooring.

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Engineered wood flooring

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