Timber flooring

Very best in quality & Easy Cleaning. EASY TO INSTALL. MADE TO LAST.

Best Quality

All high standard products will ensure it meets all your requirement and environment as well.

Tons of Features

its environmental profile, durability, and restorability.Excellent value for money and easy to clean.

Fast Delievery

We offers fast and hassle free delivery on all products within New Zealand.

FloorCo provide high quality, elegant solid timber and all flooring products to meet all your requirements.

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FloorCO is profensioonal company supply solid timer flooring and engineering timber flooring products and more

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  • Friendly sales team will meet all your need.
  • Plant of choice in pattern and quality.
  • More benefits to choose on timber flooring
  • Fast delivery to ensure your project start on time

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John Smith

“Best products. Highly recommend.”

John Smith

Alex Moore

“Fast delivery and high quality with best price!!! recommended.”

Alex Moore

Kate Brown

“It is amazing how pretty and easy-to-install products. And some of them are actually fantastic. Stop wasting your money on something else, invest your money wisely!”

Kate Brown

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